Utica Network and Data Center Liquidators

Utica Network and Data Center Liquidators - Liquidation - sell used Cisco

TO BUY : For emergency same day or overnight delivery of Cisco, Arista, HPE, Juniper, Extreme, Dell or SonicWALL network or server parts: please call 1-800-430-6950 or visit our store for details.

TO SELL : Please submit your list of equipment.

AndoverCG Utica network and data center liquidators offer network liquidation and asset recovery solutions to Utica corporations, governments and healthcare clients.

If your challenge is to find a Utica liquidation firm with expertise to manage: data wiping, cataloging and asset tag removal all the while offering a fair price, AndoverCG Utica network and data center liquidators is the firm to contact. Our services extend from Utica downtown to all the surrounding communities.

AndoverCG Utica network and data center liquidators offers network liquidation services within New York to serve corporate clients phasing out older equipment, seeking asset recovery solutions winding down operations (closing their business), or managing bankruptcy liquidation. Our clients range from small start ups to large Fortune 500 firms and every size of company in between that a CIO, MIS, IT or IS manager might have a role. Sell used servers and used network equipment to Utica network and data center liquidators. When you must make a liquidation decision, AndoverCG.com is the liquidator of choice.

Liquidate surplus load balancers for top dollar. We buy and sell used load balancers.

AndoverCG Utica network and data center liquidators maintains expertise in equipment from servers, routers, switches, load balancers, load balancers, firewalls, phones, POS equipment, test equipment, etc. Our role is to work with corporations that wish to liquidation any hi-tech equipment. Because we maintain wide and varied re-marketing channels, AndoverCG can offer top dollar.

Examples of equipment we buy:

01-SSC-7042, Brocade E1MG-LX-OM, 01-SSC-8734, TES0070, DCS-7048T-4S-F, DCS-7124SX-F, JW229A, JW170A, Arista DCS-7050S-64-F, E5500 E6500 E7500 E8500 E8510, DCS-7050T-64-R, IAP-315-US, ICX7400-4X10GF, FCX648S-HPOE, ATP0190-001, Sonicwall 01-SSC-8762, 01-SSC-9212, FCX648S, BR-VDX6720-24-R, TS3000, DCS-7050T-64-F, 01-SSC-3830, DCS-7150S-24#, IAP-205-US, ICX6450-24, Cyclades TES0080, Aruba AP-105-MNT-C, IAP-105-US

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