Ohio Network and Data Center Liquidators

Ohio Network and Data Center Liquidators

TO BUY : For emergency same day or overnight delivery of Cisco, Arista, HPE, Juniper, Extreme, Dell or SonicWALL network or server parts: please call 1-800-430-6950 or visit our store for details.

TO SELL : Sell your equipment now.

Andover Ohio network and data center liquidators buys used network assets,Dell Poweredge, HPE Proliant, IBM xSeries, Penguin, Rackable, Sun Microsystems servers. We buy surplus and used Cisco routers, phones, load balancers and other idle assets. AndoverOhio network and data center liquidators offer liquidation and asset recovery solutions to businesses, ISPs, Cisco resellers, network integrators, advertising agencies, consultancies, manufacturing and any organization with surplus new, used or refurbished equipment.

What can you offer our Ohio firm?

Andover Ohio network and data center liquidators offers complete network liquidation service. We will catalog, value, remove, wipe data, re-market and report on any surplus inventory you wish moved. We buy, sell and re-market excess, old and surplus network equipment, network and phone equipment. We offer fair prices and fast removal for surplus assets.

What parts of Ohio do you work?

Andover Ohio network and data center liquidators offers network liquidation services within Great Lakes to serve corporate clients phasing out older equipment, seeking asset recovery solutions winding down operations (closing their business), or managing bankruptcy liquidation. Our clients range from small start ups to large Fortune 500 firms and every size of company in between that a CIO, MIS, IT or IS manager might have a role. Sell used servers and used network equipment to Ohio network and data center liquidators. When you must make a liquidation decision, AndoverCG.com is the liquidator of choice.

    Sell your used Cisco routers, Catalyst switches, and other equipment. Send us your list, we can buy and move within 24 hours.

    Are you only a network buyer or do you buy other gear as well?

    AndoverCG Ohio liquidators maintains an exhaustive list of network remarketing channels and hence we can offer high market values for your used Cisco, Brocade, Extreme or Juniper equipment and other surplus phone and network equipment. AndoverCG is a buyer of surplus, excess, refurbished, new, used and unused equipment.

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