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TO BUY : For emergency same day or overnight delivery of Cisco, Arista, HPE, Juniper, Extreme, Dell or SonicWALL network or server parts: please call 1-800-430-6950 or visit our store for details.

TO SELL : Sell your equipment now.

Andover buys used Cisco routers, Catalyst switches, VOIP phones, ASA firewalls, Aironet Wireless access points and all other used Cisco equipment. We offer fair prices and fast removal of surplus equipment.

    Sell your used Cisco routers:

    • Used Cisco ASR1000 series routers
    • Used Cisco ASR9000 series routers
    • Used Cisco 3900 series routers
    • Used Cisco 7300 series routers
    • Used Cisco 7600 series routers
    • Used Cisco 1900 series routers
    • Used Cisco 2900 series routers
    • Used Cisco 800 880 890 series routers
    • Used Cisco 2600 routers (2610, 2610XM, 2611, 2611XM, 2612, 2613, 2620, 2620XM, 2621, 2621XM, 2650, 2650XM, 2651, 2651XM, 2691.
    Sell your used Cisco phones:
    • Used Cisco 7900 series
    • Used Cisco 7800 series
    • Used Cisco 8400 series

    Sell your used Catalyst switches:

    • Used Cisco 9400 9300 series Catalyst switches
    • Used Cisco Nexus N2K, N3K, N5K, N6K, N7K, N9K series switches
    • Used Cisco 3650 and 3850 series Catalyst switches
    • Used Cisco 2960X 2960C 2960G series Catalyst switches
    • Used Cisco 3560X 3560G 3560E 3560C 3560V2 series Catalyst switches
    • Used Cisco 3750X 3750G 3750E 3750C 3750V2 series Catalyst switches
    • Used Cisco 4500 4500X series Catalyst switches
    • Used Cisco Industrial Ethernet IE series switches
    • Used Cisco Small Business series switches
    • Used Cisco series Catalyst switches

    Sell your used ASA Firewalls:

    • Used Cisco ASA5505 Series
    • Used Cisco ASA5510, ASA5520, ASA5540 Series
    • Used Cisco ASA5512 ASA5506

    Sell your used Aironet Wireless Access Points:

    • Used Cisco 2700 3700 Series
    • Used Cisco 1600 Series

    Fast Removal:

    Andover can remove your surplus or unwanted network equipment from your site in as short a time as a few hours. Nationwide Service: Andover can manage your surplus issues if the surplus assets are in one location or in many, in storage or in use or in an office or datacenter.

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