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Funny thing, when we started this Andover Test, many people proudly described why they did not need to take it. Fear of a bad grade dating back to high school, one would guess. We believe many people do not want to discover they have counterfeit product. (Would you want to discover, for example, that your coveted Cisco V2 card is counterfeit?) Anyway, here are some standard reasons we’ve heard from others for not wanting to take the Andover Test

Any seller who is unaware about how to tell the differences is likely selling counterfeit Cisco. Cisco Counterfeit WIC-1DSU-T1 cards seem to be coming from every direction. eBay is loaded with sellers having virtually no feedback offering NEW in box Cisco WIC-1DSU-T1 cards for scraps of money or sellers with 20,000+ plus feedback who have no idea of the differences between GENUINE and COUNTERFEIT / FAKE. We are not fingering only uninformed or corrupt eBay sellers. Many Cisco resellers are also part of the problem.

Does everyone know that they are selling counterfeit? Yes and no. Yes, they know but believe that you will not know. And no, because they were uninformed when they acquired the counterfeit card. The WIC-1ENET counterfeits and other Cisco counterfeits or Cisco fakes have similar attributes. For example, the RJ45 jacks are a great starting point for all COUNTERFEIT / FAKE versus GENUINE comparisons. Learning how to recognize a counterfeit WIC-1ENET will teach you some of the basics to.

Seeing is believing. Power on tests tell nothing. Follow along by setting up a second window with a search on eBay seeking WIC-1ADSL and become a counterfeit WIC-1ADSL sleuth! Does everyone know that they are selling counterfeit? Or better, does anyone know they are buying counterfeit? Many sellers know. Some sellers don’t. But guaranteed, all buyers do not. However, informed buyers avoid counterfeit.

Forget style, set aside bragging rights. High-end game PCs are massive overkill at stratospheric prices. If all you want is to brag to your buddies that’s okay. Just remember: Six months or so you’ll have to lay out thousands of dollars or someone else will pass you. And it is thousands of dollars. $5000 is common for a ‘high end’ game PC. Some of them go for $10,000 or more. Some graphics cards cost over $1500 and even fancy cases can cost $300.

Don’t invest in computer hardware like you would real estate.So what is your computer worth? A few years after you buy your computer not much. Buy it to use it. Computer equipment loses value at roughly 2% per week. What does this mean to you? What you purchase today is worth 2% less this week, 2% less of that total next week, etc.

You’ve owned your computer for a year or more and, yes, Dell or IBM or Intel has come out with some latest and greatest technology that just out dates everything you have. Or worse, you bought your computer too many years ago that you don’t remember how old it is. No matter. You want to sell your computer or sell your PC for the most money and you are not sure of the first step. “Help me sell my computer!”

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