Sell Used SonicWALLs: NetworkTigers buys used and new SonicWALLs

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NetworkTigers nationwide network and data center liquidators buys used and new SonicWALL firewalls. Sell your used SonicWALL equipment for a fair price. We offer fast and fair pricing for your used SonicWALLs. Sell used SonicWALLs to us and receive fast and fair pricing.

What models SonicWALLs do NetworkTigers buy? NetworkTigers buys the range of SonicWALL models to include:

  • NSA Series:

    • SonicWALL NSA 2650, 3650, 4650, 5650, 6650, 9250, 9450, 9650, 2650 HA, 3650 HA, 4650 HA, 5650 HA, 6650 HA, 6600, 6600 HA, 5600, 5600 HA, 4600, 4600 HA, 3600, 3600 HA, 2600, 2600 HA, 3700, 5700 HA, 6700, 2700, 3700 HA, 4700, 5700, 2700 HA, 4700 HA, 6700 HA
    • 01-SSC-1936, 01-SSC-1937, 01-SSC-1938, 01-SSC-1939, 01-SSC-1940, 01-SSC-1941, 01-SSC-1942, 01-SSC-1943, 01-SSC-2007, 01-SSC-3215, 01-SSC-3216, 01-SSC-3217, 01-SSC-3218, 01-SSC-3820, 01-SSC-3821, 01-SSC-3830, 01-SSC-3831, 01-SSC-3840, 01-SSC-3841, 01-SSC-3850, 01-SSC-3851, 01-SSC-3860, 01-SSC-3861, 01-SSC-4325, 02-SSC-1715, 02-SSC-4322, 02-SSC-4324, 02-SSC-4326, 02-SSC-4328, 02-SSC-4330, 02-SSC-7367, 02-SSC-8986, 02-SSC-8988

  • SonicWALL TZ Series:

    • SonicWALL SOHO, SOHO 250, SOHO 250 Wireless, SOHO Wireless, SonicWALL Power Adapters, TZ270, TZ270, TZ270 HA, TZ300, TZ300P, TZ300W Wireless, TZ350, TZ350W Wireless, TZ370, TZ370 HA, TZ370W Wireless, TZ400, TZ400W Wireless, TZ500, TZ500 Power Adapter, TZ500 HA, TZ500W Wireless, TZ570, TZ570W Wireless, TZ600, TZ600 HA, TZ600 Power Adapters, TZ600 Rack Mount Kit, TZ600P, TZ670, TZ670 HA
    • 01-SSC-0217, 02-SSC-0938, 02-SSC-0940, 01-SSC-0218, 01-SSC-0709, 02-SSC-2821, 02-SSC-6841, 02-SSC-6447, 01-SSC-0215, 01-SSC-0030, 01-SSC-0210, 01-SSC-0216, 02-SSC-0942, 02-SSC-1866, 02-SSC-2825, 02-SSC-6443, 02-SSC-2827, 01-SSC-0213, 01-SSC-0525, 01-SSC-0214, 01-SSC-0211, 01-SSC-0437, 01-SSC-0438, 01-SSC-0439, 01-SSC-0212, 02-SSC-2833, 02-SSC-2835, 01-SSC-0280, 01-SSC-0220, 01-SSC-6832, 01-SSC-0225, 01-SSC-0028

  • SonicWALL SonicWAVE:

    • SonicWALL SonicWave 231c, 432i 432e, 231c, 681, 641, 432o, 231o, 224w,  02-SSC-0003, 01-SSC-2450

  • SonicWALL SFPs:

    • SonicWALL BASE-T 1 Gigabit, BASE-SR 10 Gigabit, BASE-LR 10 Gigabit, BASE-SX 1 Gigabit
    • 01-SSC-9791, 01-SSC-9785, 01-SSC-9786, 01-SSC-9789

  • SonicWALL Switches:

    • SonicWALL SWS12-10FPOE, SWS14-48, SWS14-24FPOE, SWS14-24, SWS12-10FPOE
    • 02-SSC-2466, 02-SSC-2465, 02-SSC-2468, 02-SSC-2467, 02-SSC-2464

Just one or two SonicWALLs or a large inventory? Multiple locations?

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